BRYC Survives Thanks to Volunteers; Won't You Join Us?
As Little As a Few Hours Or As Much as a Season (or Ten!) Are Much Appreciated

BRYC Recreational Soccer wouldn't exist without the dedication of its volunteers.  Our coaches are the most visible, and without them we would certainly have no program, but the more than two dozen members of the Executive Committee (EXCOM) work year-round to keep the organization running smoothly.  That includes League Directors at every age level, four Deputy Commissioners to oversee and assist the work of the League Directors and our ODSL program, and ten "back office" members of the EXCOM responsible for the budget, equipment, field scheduling, field maintenance, referees, the registration process, training, uniform purchase and distribution, our All Star program, and this web site.  A number of our volunteers no longer have children in the program but continue to offer their time and talents for the love of the game, the love of the kids, and the love of BRYC.

The spring season saw the departure of several BRYC veteran League Directors, leaving a couple of vacancies currently filled by our hard-working Deputy Commissioners. In addition, having just (finally!) entered the 21st century with a Facebook page, we're looking to fill a new position as "Social Media Coordinator" to create a Rec Soccer presence on Facebook and Twitter. We're looking for folks who don't necessarily know how to play soccer but have the time, energy and desire to assist with the administration of the program. More and more, we miss those volunteers and have had to rely on coaches to pull double duty as League Directors and other volunteers who have been serving the organization for ten years or more.. Surely among the parents of some 1,500 players each season there must be a few who can spare just a few hours a week during the season ...VOLUNTEERS LIKE YOU! 

It isn't always an easy process finding those among our "family" who have the time, the energy, and the desire to help out.  When you feel the urge to give back...or even if you don't feel it but are asked to give back to the organization that has provided countless hours of enjoyment for you and your children, we hope you'll consider the call. We need folks to come forward.  If you want to volunteer in any capacity and with any skills whatsoever, email our Commissioner, James Sullivan to let him know you want to help.  Tell us what interests you, be it giving just a few hours of your time to something more substantial, and we'll put you to work.  Even just a few hours of your time helping us with such activities as Photo and Uniform Distribution days will be so much appreciated...and we can't survive without you.