Discount Coupons from Our Friends at Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods has generously supported BRYC Soccer with items for our training programs and a discount gift certificate for all our players and coaches. They also provide many of the prizes given out in the post-season Coach's Challenge.

Click on the Dick's "Special Soccer Offers" graphic to the right to find coupons for savings on your soccer supplies for this fall.

Help thank Dick’s Sporting Goods for their support of recreational youth sports by forwarding this to your players and parents. The new store in Springfield Town Center is GREAT! Brand new and convenient to all of us!

Thanks so much to Dick's Sporting Goods for their on-going support!

Pre-Season Coaching Clinics...
Get ready for Fall 2015 with skill training for coaches!

BRYC Pre-Season Coach's Clinics for Coaches:

  • DATES:  Sunday, July 19, July 26 and August 2
  • LOCATION:  WT Woodson HS, 9525 Main Street, Fairfax, VA. We will be on the West field (the field closest to the school).
  • BRING:  soccer ball, water & cleats. Come dressed and ready to participate!
  • Head Coaches AND Assistant Coaches are welcome to attend.
  • Coach's Game July 19 and 26:   following the clinic... 3-5pm
  • Coach's Game August 2:   prior to the clinic... 2-4pm
  • RSVP would be great (to but if you didn't RSVP... COME ANYWAYS!! All coaches are welcome!

Session Topics:

  • Sunday, July 19, 2-3:00pm - Technical Aspects of Basic Skills - Shooting with Kristen Norkus of Golden Boot
  • Sunday, July 26, 2-3:00pm - Technical Aspects of Basic Skills - Passing & Receiving with Kristen Norkus of Golden Boot
  • Sunday, August 2, 4-5:00pm - Basic Goalkeeping Skills with David Meiklejohn, DC United Youth Team Goalie Coach - OR - Basic Footskills with Coach Bill Creswick

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Preseason Coach's Clinic for U4-U7 Coaches:

  • INSTRUCTOR:     Coach Bill Creswick
  • DATE:                   Saturday, August 22
  • TIME:                    10-12am
  • FIELD:                   TBD
  • BRING:                 Water, cleats or sneakers, soccer ball, pen & paper... come ready to participate!
  • RSVP:                   to joan smith at:

If you've never participated in a Coach Bill pre-season clinic, you are in for a treat! It's amazing to me that Coach Bill can relate to players of ALL ages... and that he can engage... and KEEP engaged... a large group of 4 year olds. You will find his clinic helpful whether it's the first or the fourth time you are taking it.


Julia Millward... Assistant Training Director

Hello! My name is Julia Millward and I am the Assistant Training Director. I will be helping Joan with Golden Boot Team Training this season!

The first club I played for was BRYC. I began in U5 and played until U7, then I shifted to travel and played on the BRYC Supernovas from U8-U12. From there, I switched clubs and played for SYC Liberty from U13-U14. After that, I changed clubs again and played for CYA Premier ‘91 from U15-U18. In high school I played on the JV team at W.T. Woodson High School for 2 years. Once I graduated high school, I went to High Point University and played on their newly developed club team for 2 ½ years. Since my graduation last year, I’ve played coed indoor soccer in a competitive adult league.

My coaching career started back when I coached swimming to kids on the community swim team, Canterbury Woods C-Serpents. After I graduated college I decided to swap over to soccer, my favorite sport. So I chose to give back to the club where my soccer life started…. BRYC.

The 2015-2016 season will be my 2nd year coaching for BRYC. I love coaching younger kids because I want to be a role model and someone they can look up to. Watching them develop and grow during the season is very rewarding to me and I know that I was a big part of their life.


Joan Smith... Training Director
Phone:    (540) 347-1350 (home)
              (703) 475-6003 (cell)

Hi BRYC Coaches! I'm Joan Smith, the Training Director for BRYC Recreational Soccer. For the 2015-2016 season I am entering my 5th year in this position (AMAZING!)

What I'd like you to know is I was in your shoes (or maybe... cleats?). James and I started coaching with nothing but good intentions... no soccer background, very limited soccer knowledge, VERY scared with 16 sets of expectant eyes looking to us for guidance and knowledge. I often wondered if we were crazy. What did WE have to offer? What we had, and what we still have, is a firm belief that soccer is good for our kids. It teaches life skills on so many levels, how to be a team player, how to get along with lots of different personalities, how to be open-minded and always willing to learn and to try, how to be selfless and most important that "winning" can be defined in many ways, it’s not just the score at the end of the game.

Did I say that soccer was good for our kids? I mean our coaches too, because soccer makes you use all these skills as a coach. The coach always sets the tone for team. Parents and players will all be looking to you and follow your lead through the toughest situations.

James and I are going into our 7th year coaching. We’ve learned a lot... sometimes the hard way. My ongoing mission in the Training Director position is to make it easier for all of you, our coaches. I want you to know that you have resources, and where to find them. I want you to have the opportunity to interact with our other BRYC coaches and share best practices and thoughts. If you are a long-time coach, I'd like to pair you up with a newer coach so they have a go-to person for answers and for reassurance. I also want you to have access to professional training yourselves, so that you can grow as coaches... and that, in turn, will make BRYC grow as a club.

As James and I have progressed as coaches, we’ve tried many different things with the team through the seasons. Some worked, some didn’t. But we felt it was always important to try new things, because you never know what will be the thing that makes it "click" for the team. I tell you this so you won’t be surprised when you see new things. I'm always switching up our programs, trying new things for the kids and for the coaches just to see what "clicks".

We hope that you take advantage of the programs offered, and that you find them helpful. I LOVE BRYC! It's a great organization, and our volunteers are FABULOUS! I hope that you come to love all of it... the kids, the coaching, the club... as much as I do!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know what thoughts you have to share. I look forward to seeing you on the pitch!

Sincerely, Joan Smith