U5-U10 Team Footskills
Fall 2014 Schedule

For the U5 - U10 Team Footskills, coaches will bring their whole team to Lake Braddock Lower Field for a session with a Golden Boot trainer. Practice outlines are available below. Coaches are requested to choose a topic in advance, review the drills, and work closely with the Trainer during the session.

The Team Footskills can be used in addition to your weekly practice(s), or in place of a weekly practice.

Fall 2014 Format:

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Field:  Lake Braddock Park, Lower Field - 9450 Lake Braddock Drive, Burke, VA
  • Two one-hour sessions per day (5-6pm and 6-7pm); Three teams will be trained per session
  • Coaches may sign up for TWO sessions initially. If there is still space, I will send out an email to our coaches to see if anyone would like an additional session.
  • Session Topics for U5-U7 Include:  1.) Dribbling;  2.) Turns/Change of Direction;  3.) Putting the Ball in the Goal
  • Session Topics for U8 and Above Include:  1.) Passing;  2.) 1v1;  3.) Shooting
  • [Click Here for Golden Boot Curriculum for all age groups]
  • If you can’t make a session, let the Training Director know as soon as possible so that another team can take the space.
  • You will receive a confirmation/reminder email the week before your session. You can always come check this site as well to confirm your session. (I try to keep it up to date.)

Coaches should review the schedule (below) and contact the Training Director to reserve a session. The Training Director will need:

  • your name
  • age group
  • topic
  • cell phone number

Training Schedule for Fall 2014:  (updated 9/20/2014 1:37am)

Tuesday 5-6 pm 1.01 Marc Spitler Dribbling U5 Wednesday 5-6 pm 1.07 Katz Dribbling U5
2-Sep   1.02 Tom Lytle Passing U9 3-Sep text 1.08 Hildreth Dribbling U5
    1.03 Mitch Bennett Passing U10G     1.09 Ryan Sellers Turns & Chg of Dir U7B
  6-7pm 1.04 Bryan Kirchner Dribbling U5   6-7pm 1.10 Matos 1v1 U7B
    1.05 David Garay Passing U9   text 1.11 Chris Polson Passing U8B
    1.06 Jasen Blacksburg 1v1 U7     1.12 Jaime Canales Moves to Beat an Opp U8B
Tuesday 5-6 pm 2.01 Jonathan Day Footskills U8 Wednesday 5-6 pm 2.07 Nate Guldseth Dribbling U8B
9-Sep   2.02 Gretchen Brown   U9B 10-Sep text 2.08 Nate Guldseth Dribbling U10
    2.03 Mitch Bennett Moves to Beat an Opp U10G     2.09 Shannon MacNamara 1v1 U6B
  6-7pm 2.04 Kevin Hammond   U6   6-7pm 2.10      
    2.05 Marcelo Morales Dribbling U6   text 2.11 Margaret Langer Passing U9
    2.06 Jasen Blacksburg   U7     2.12 Joe Roth 1v1 U9B
Tuesday 5-6 pm 3.01 Keow Essig Dribbling U6B Wednesday 5-6 pm 3.09 Rich Wyant Finishing U8
16-Sep   3.02 Elizabeth Bennett Footskills U10 17-Sep text 3.10 Katz Turns & Chg of Dir U5
    3.03 Jonathan Day Footskills U8     3.11 Jaime Canales Defending U8
    3.04 Maria Dastur   U7G     3.12 Andy Lowden   U5
  6-7pm 3.05 Mike Essig Offense Space U10B   6-7pm 3.13 Tim Eagle Dribbling U6
    3.06 Keow Essig Turns & Chg of Dir U8B     3.14 Jennifer Olear Passing U9
    3.07 Osmin Martinez (A.Lowden)   U7G     3.15 David Garay Finishing U9
    3.08 John Connell         3.16 Scott Crowder   U8B
Tuesday 5-6 pm 4.01 Camilla Roberts Passing U8G Wednesday 5-6 pm 4.09 Colleen Peacher Turns & Chg of Dir U6B
23-Sep   4.02 Tim Kelly   U5 24-Sep text 4.10 Erin Hildreth Turns & Chg of Dir U5
    4.03 Sara Ruliffson   U10B     4.11 Tyrone Strother Passing U9B
    4.04 Greg Fedor 1v1 U6B     4.12 Ryan Sellers Turns & Chg of Dir U7B
  6-7pm 4.05 Manny Ramirez Dribbling U6   6-7pm 4.13 Liz Smith Finishing U8G
    4.06 Omar Wheatley Dribbling U5   text 4.14 Jennifer Olear 1v1 U9G
    4.07 Marcelo Morales 1v1 U6     4.15 Margaret Langer Dribbling U9
    4.08 Kevin Hammond   U6     4.16 Chris Polson Moves to Beat an Opp U8B
Tuesday 5-6 pm 5.01 Greg Fedor Dribbling U6B Wednesday 5-6 pm 5.09 Nate Guldseth Turns & Chg of Dir U8
30-Sep   5.02 Tom Lytle 1v1 U0 1-Oct text 5.10 Nate Guldseth Turns & Chg of Dir U10
    5.03 Maria Dastur   U7G     5.11 Sara Ruliffson   U10B
    5.04 Gretchen Brown   U9B     5.12 Andy Lowden   U5
  6-7pm 5.05 Beth Bennett Hague Passing U10   6-7pm 5.13 Anthony Matos Passing U7B
    5.06 Osmin Martinez (A.Lowden)   U7G   text 5.14 Tim Eagle 1v1 U6
    5.07 Stephen Kucharski Passing U9     5.15 Tyrone Strother Finishing U9B
    5.08 John Connell   U6     5.16 Scott Crowder    
Tuesday 5-6 pm 6.01 Keow Essig   U6B Wednesday 5-6 pm 6.09 Tim Kelly   U5
7-Oct   6.02 Colleen Peacher Dribbling U6 8-Oct text 6.1 Rich Wyant Moves to Beat an Opp U8
    6.03 Bryan Kirchner Turns & Chg of Dir U9     6.11 Shannon MacNamara 1v1 U6B
    6.04 Cameron Childs         6.12 Mike White    
  6-7 pm 6.05 Keow Essig   U8B   6-7pm 6.13 Manny Ramirez Dribbling U6
    6.06 Mike Essig   U10B   text 6.14 Marc Spitler Turns & Chg of Dir U5
    6.07 Camilla Roberts Finishing U8G     6.15 Joe Roth Finishing U9B
    6.08 Stephen Kucharski         6.16 Liz Smith Moves to Beat an Opp U8G