U5-U10 Team Footskills Training
Spring 2015 Schedule

For the U5-U10 Team Footskills, coaches will bring their whole team to Wakefield Rec Center (Audrey Moore Rec Center) for a session with a Golden Boot trainer. Coaches are requested to choose a topic in advance, review the drills, and work closely with the Trainer during the session.

The Team Footskills can be used in addition to your weekly practice(s), or in place of a weekly practice.

Spring 2015:

  • Tuesday or Wednesday
  • 5:30-6:30pm or 6:30-7:30pm
  • Field: Wakefield Rec Center (Audrey Moore Rec Center)
  • Teams may have one 1-hour session per season
  • Choose a topic for your age group. Your team will be trained by a professional Golden Boot Trainer.
  • The topics are:
    • U5-U7: Dribbling Basics, Turns & Changing Directions, Foot Skills, 1v1, Passing & Receiving, Striking the Ball
    • U8-U9: Dribbling Basics, Turns & Changing Directions, Speed Dribbling, 1v1, Passing & Receiving, Striking the Ball, Defending
    • U10: Passing, 1v1 with moves, Speed Dribbling, Receiving, Combination Play, Scoring Goals, Defending
  • Coaches should be interactive during the session!
  • You can find the schedule on our website: BRYC/Coach’s Corner/Golden Boot/U5-U10. The schedule will be updated nightly.
  • Please indicate whether you would like a Tuesday session or Wednesday session and what time. You will be put in the first available for that day and time. We have to fill the earlier sessions first.

Coaches should review the schedule (below) and contact Julia Millward to reserve a session.

Please provide the following:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your cell number
  • Your team’s age group
    • EX: U9G, U12B
  • Desired Training Topic
  • Preferred session:
    • Tuesday or Wednesday; 5:30-6:30 or 6:30-7:30pm

Training Schedule for Spring 2015:  (updated 3/28/2015 1:09pm)

Day/Date Time Session Coach Topic  Age Group Day/Date Time Session Coach Topic Age Group
Tuesday, April 7 5:30-6:30pm 1.01 Maria Dastur Striking the Ball U7G Wednesday, April 8 5:30-6:30pm 1.07 Nathaniel Guldseth Dribbling Basics U8B
    1.02           1.08 Nathaniel Guldseth 1v1 with Moves U10B
    1.03           1.09 Dino Constantino Dribbling Basics U9B
  6:30-7:30pm 1.04 Mitch Bennett   U10G   6:30-7:30pm 1.10 Margaret Langer Turns & Change of Direction U9B
    1.05 Shannon MacNamara Dribbling Basics U6B     1.11 Jennifer Oleyar   U9G
    1.06           1.12 Kyle Morrison Passing & Receiving U6B
Tuesday, April 14 5:30-6:30pm 2.01 Michele Millsaps Dribbling Basics U8G Wednesday, April 15 5:30-6:30pm 2.07 Tim Eagle Dribbling Basics U6B
    2.02 Danny Narragon Striking the Ball U7B     2.08 Jaime Canales Defending U8B
    2.03 Francisco Rodriguez   U8B     2.09 Andrew Lowden Passing & Receiving U5 Coed
  6:30-7:30pm 2.04 Marc Spitler 1v1 U5 Coed   6:30-7:30pm 2.10 Scot Spann Passing & Receiving U9B
    2.05 Barbara Barata Speed Dribbling U10G     2.11 Beth Bennett-Hague Scoring Goals U10G
    2.06 Chris Polson Passing & Receiving U8B     2.12 Camilla Roberts Defending U8G
Tuesday, April 21 5:30-6:30pm 3.01 Leonard LaPetina Passing & Receiving U8G Wednesday, April 22 5:30-6:30pm 3.07 Chris O'Connors Defending U10G
    3.02 Patricia Daniel Foot Skills U6G     3.08 Omar Wheatley Passing & Receiving U5 Coed
    3.03 Anthony Matos Striking the Ball U7G     3.09 Sara Ruliffson Defending U10B
  6:30-7:30pm 3.04 David Garay Turns & Change of Direction U9B   6:30-7:30pm 3.10 Jasen Blacksburg Passing & Receiving U7B
    3.05 Marcelo Morales Striking the Ball       3.11 Liz Smith Passing & Receiving U8G
    3.06 Steve Kucharski 1v1 U9B     3.12 Lew Oleinick Combination Play U10B
Tuesday, April 28 5:30-6:30pm 4.01 Thomas Belz Passing & Receiving U10 Wednesday, April 29 5:30-6:30pm 4.07 Julia Millward Passing & Receiving U9G
    4.02 Johnny Mohseni Foot Skills U6B     4.08 Matt Lanasa Dribbling Basics U5 Coed
    4.03 Rob McClellan Foot Skills U5 Coed     4.09 Keow Essig   U8B
  6:30-7:30pm 4.04 Freddy Airspe Passing & Receiving U10B   6:30-7:30pm 4.10 Adolfo Perez Striking the Ball U8G
    4.05 Amir Ansari Dribbling Basics U9B     4.11 Tom Twomey 1v1 U7B
    4.06 Mani Chaudhary Dribbling Basics U6B     4.12 Scott Crowder Striking the Ball U7B
Tuesday, May 5 5:30-6:30pm 5.01 Rob Murphy Striking the Ball U7 Wednesday, May 6 5:30-6:30pm 5.07 Katherine Shapiro Dribbling Basics U6B
    5.02 Andrew Lowden Dribbling Basics U7G     5.08 Rich Wyant Turns & Change of Direction U8G
    5.03 Keri Reed Foot Skills U5 Coed     5.09 Keow Essig Foot Skills U6B
  6:30-7:30pm 5.04 Joe Swingle 1v1 U9B   6:30-7:30pm 5.10 Manny Ramirez   U5 Coed
    5.05 John Connell Passing & Receiving U7B     5.11 Mike Kenkel Speed Dribbling U10B
    5.06           5.12 Mike Essig   U10B
Tuesday, May 12 5:30-6:30pm 6.01 Bryan Kirchner Passing & Receiving U5 Coed Wednesday, May 13 5:30-6:30pm 6.07 Mike Millios   U5 Coed
    6.02 Mike Botta Foot Skills U6G     6.08      
    6.03 Tom/Twila Lytle Dribbling Basics U5 Coed     6.09      
  6:30-7:30pm 6.04 Tom/Twila Lytle Defending U9B   6:30-7:30pm 6.10 Sean Kayes Dribbling Basics U5 Coed
    6.05 Kati Barber Turns & Change of Direction U7G     6.11      
    6.06           6.12