Inside Soccer
An Invaluable Resource for Coaches

This is my personal favorite soccer site. It contains:

  • Drills - presented in video form. Each drill is narrated to call attention to certain parts of hte drill, and they close with a written list of key points.
  • Practice plans for a full season for U5-U13
  • Interviews with high level coaches
  • Interviews with players
  • Ability to manage your team through their site (record scores, performance, send videos of the week's upcoming drills to be reviewed by the players before practice).

There are some videos and parts of the site that are viewable for free so that you can get an idea of what they offer. If you choose to subscribe, there are various levels that give you more features. The cost ranges from $5/month to $10/per month.

VERY affordable... and SO worth it! Check it out!