Spring 2015 Schedule


 Schedule for Spring 2015
 Feb 8 (Sun) Online “Regular” registration ends
 Feb 9 (Mon) Late registration begins and continues until leagues are full
March 19 (Thu)

Mandatory Pre-Season Coaches’ Meeting – 7:00 pm     
Little Run Elementary School

March 20 (Fri) Coaches may begin notifying players
March 20 (Fri) Practices may begin (pending county fields approval)
 April 9 (Thu) Uniform Purchase/Exchange Night
 5:30-8:00 PM (Little Run Elementary School)
April 11 (Sat) GAME 1
 April 18 (Sat)   GAME 2 
April 25 (Sat) GAME 3
May 2 (Sat) GAME 4
May 9 (Sat) GAME 5 and Team Photos (Location TBA)
May 9 (Sat) Fall Registration Begins
May 10 (Sun) Team photos continue
May 10 (Sun) All Star Practices May Begin
May 16 (Sat) GAME 6
May 23 (Sat) No Games -- Memorial Day Weekend
May 30 (Sat) GAME 7
June 6 (Sat) GAME 8
June 13 (Sat) Rain Makeups (if required)
June 20/21 (Sat/Sun) FPYC All Star Tournament



(League Directors and other EXCOM members may view more complete schedule including EXCOM meetings, LD training, roster deadlines, equipment pick-up and turn-in, etc., in the master calendar at the EXCOM Yahoo site.)