Beautiful Chapel Square is a Black Hole for Lost Items
Almost Every Week the U12 Boys and Girls Leave Something Behind...and It's Almost Never Claimed

Check out a few of the found items from previous weeks in stories below.  Then add these to the list:

  Found on Saturday, May 10, gray warm-up pants with a colored stripe down the legs.

  Found on May 17, a blue and white folding chair with two magazines on it, a very nice pair of warm-up pants, and a red water bottle

If any of these items, or items from one of the previous weeks posted below, belongs to you, email the webmaster to identify and claim them.  If unclaimed at the end of the season they are donated to Goodwill or Purple Heart.

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall...
...and You'll Want Your Umbrella When It Does!

Found at Chapel Square:  A black and red umbrella.  Email the webmaster to claim it.

Found at Olde Creek ES on Photo Day

Looking for the owner of a very nice (and probably expensive) water bottle that was left at Olde Creek Elementary School on BRYC's Photo Day, Sunday, May 4.  Call or email the Webmaster at 703-323-5545 or brycstars@aol.com to identify and claim it.

Perhaps Three's a Charm?
Three Items Found in Third Week of Action. Looking for Three Owners!

During the fall season the U12 Boys habitually left gear at the field on Saturdays.  They're at it again.  Found on the Chapel Square field after everyone had gone home on April 26..

      ...a white hoody with distinctive markings
      ...a small soccer gear bag with the logo of a well known European soccer club (claimed)
      ...a very nice warm-up jacket with distinctive markings

If any of these items belong to you, drop an email to the BRYC webmaster to idenfity and claim them.

Lost and Found Item on the Front Page?
Just This Once...for Something More than a Jacket or a Water Bottle

Over the years the Lost and Found page has reunited only a few owners with items they've lost on the soccer pitch, so, just this once, the webmaster is moving a "found" item to the front page.  It's a class ring from Bishop Kearney HS in Rochester NY, found on the playing field at Lake Braddock Lower Level on April 26.  It has 1962 (the year of the school's founding) on one side and 1982 on the other.  A proud 1982 graduate should be missing it about now. The finder, who was nice enough to take the accompanying photo "would like to find the owner", so if this is your ring, or you know a fellow BRYC parent of about the right age who grew up in Rochester, the webmaster would love to hear from you.  (Meanwhile, we've even sent an email to the school's alumni association seeing if they can assist.) 

BRYC Isn't for Losers...It's for Finders Too
Spring 2013 Set Record for Unclaimed Stuff!

Lose something at the field?  The first thing you need to do is look in the field shed or storage box.  If it's not there, or if you find something and want to locate the owner?  Just email the BRYC Webmaster to have an item listed as lost or found.  Include the date, a brief description of the item lost or found, the location, and your contact information.  During the Spring 2013 season the webmaster built up quite a collection of stuff which went unclaimed all season long.  It’s now been donated to the Salvation Army.  Don’t miss the chance to report found items or claim lost ones. Notify the webmaster if you find something, and check the Lost and Found page if you’re missing something.