U12 Boy Missing a Nice Hoodie?
Left at Chapel Square Saturday, October 31

One youth XL black hoodie found after everyoine had left the Chapel Square field at the end of U12B action on Saturdasy, October 31.  Email the webmaster at brycstars@aol.com to claim it.

Photo Day Lost and Found
Did You Leave Something Behind?

Photo Day on Saturday was an absolute happening, with four teams in the Canterbury Woods gym as another four formed in the lobby.  It's almost surprising that more stuff didn't get left behind in the ruckus...but it's only a couple of items that we suspect their owners are missing about now.
First, a Fitbit wristband.  Not knowing the product that well, it might be a "tracker" or it might be something else.  If it belongs to you, you'll know.  CLAIMED BY OWNER
Second, the cutest pink raincoat and cap...probably belonging to a 5-6 year-old girl who will really be missing it come the next rainy day.  If it belongs to you...or it you're reading this story and you know someone on your daughter's soccer team who you've seen in a pink raincoat and hat, let them know it's been found.
For either item, email the webmaster at brycstars@aol.com.
BRYC Isn't for Losers...It's for Finders Too
Currently Looking for a Hoodie...and the Owner of a Wedding Band!

Lose something at the field?  The first thing you need to do is look in the field shed or storage box.  If it's not there, or if you find something and want to locate an owner, just email the BRYC Webmaster to have an item listed as lost or found on the web page dedicated to just that.  Include the date, a brief description of the item lost or found, the location, and your contact information.  

Don't miss the chance to report found items or claim lost ones. Notify the webmaster if you find something, and check the Lost and Found page if you’re missing something.  We're doing our best to reunite owners with their possessions.