Max seven players on the field per side, minimum five to continue playing.
Rosters required.  May be amended after the season starts.
30 minute halves, five minute halftime.
One referee.  Teams may be asked to provide volunteer linesmen.
Offside infractions will only be called in the penalty area.

Detailed rules will be posted prior to the first game.

Refund Policy


  • Your entire registration fee will be refunded if you are not assigned to a team.
  • Partial refunds for withdrawal will be granted until one week prior to the first game of the season.
  • Between the above cut-off dates and the beginning of league play, refunds will be granted for the following reasons:
    • Medical emergency (i.e. broken arm)
    • Relocation from the area
  • After league play has begun, no refunds will be granted.
  • The above dates and conditions will be strictly observed.
  • In all cases where a refund is granted, a charge will be deducted to cover overhead and administrative cost, resulting in a $52.50 refund. The refund amount will be the same whether a player registers early, on-time, or late. The above dates and conditions must be strictly observed to qualify for a partial refund.
  • All refund requests must be submitted by e-mail to registration@brasl.org with a copy to commissioner@brasl.org. The date stamp must meet the above qualifying deadlines.