Braddock FC Ends Inaugural Season In Triumph
Final Two Games Result in a Hard-Fought Draw and First Win of the Season


If there is such a thing as a “moral victory” it came in the penultimate game on June 19th against Uyghr United, a strong Turkic ethnic team with a winning record. After leading 1-0 at halftime, Braddock FC gave up three unaswered goals in the second and found themselves on the short end of a 3-1 score before coming back to a one goal deficit and then tying the score almost as the whistle sounded to end the game. Coach Kelleher called it a “tie-victory” that was to set the stage for the final game of the season versus BlueBoxSports.


Co-coach Bob Brennis recapped the “incredibly exciting” final game:  “BlueBox was good and had 80% of the possession. We scored in the first half on a fluky little ball that was rolling to the goal area with our player in pursuit. The goalie picked it up in the crease, but his own defenseman ran into him, he dropped the ball and it rolled into the goal.  We then scored on a breakaway to go up 2-0, but BlueBox came on like gangbusters. After a flurry of shots, they scored with twenty minutes left and then again five minutes later.  It looked like we were coming undone again, but the team fought back with grit and determination.
"Brandon was taken down on a breakaway. The referee gave the tackler a red card, but we couldn’t cash in on the set play. Brandon sent a ball to Badia on a breakaway down the left side. He pushed the ball to his right foot and rolled the ball to the far post under a diving goalie. The last ten minutes seemed to last forever. BlueBox was in our zone for almost the entire time, peppering Sergio with shot after shot. Finally, when the final whistle sounded, the team erupted in victory celebration." 
(Coach Kelleher reports that the victory celebration included a “Gatorade Bath” for Brennis.)